Monday, May 4, 2009

Manic Monday

Manic Monday #166
Which household chore do you dislike the most?

Cleaning the cat litter

What's the best museum you've ever visited?

That's a tough one. In the late 60's I spent 6 months in England and 3 months touring the rest of Europe. I was in many museums. For some reason, I seem to remember a little museum in Paris, the Jeu de Paume best. I just did a Google search and discovered it is no longer a museum of impressionist art. However, I learned from the Encylcopedia Brittanica online that it was "built as a tennis court and later converted into an Impressionist art museum and subsequently into a photography museum."
"The Jeu de Paume closed its doors in 1986, with the majority of its collection transferred to another Paris landmark, the Musée d’Orsay." Since I am a tennis player, that history gives me even more appreciation for the structure.

It's Star Wars Day today. I've never seen any of the Star Wars movies. What "common" movies haven't you seen?
I have only seen two of the Harry Potter movies.


Splendid Little Stars said...

I'm not terribly fond of vacuuming, but I am lucky for my husband does about 90% of it.
Perhaps a favorite museum is The Children's Museum of Indianapolis, very much a hands-on place. I spent many a happy hour there with my children.

NICO Designs said...

The first thing I noticed was that you have not seen Star Wars! Wow. How did that happen?:0

Becky said...

the Louvre

Anonymous said...

Hummm, cannot decide between sewing a button back on or ironing but I think they are of equal distate.

No Star Wars?

Great memory shared regarding the museum. Thank you for sharing.