Sunday, May 3, 2009


Week by week as I do my grocery shopping, I've noticed the amount we spend per week going up. Since I tend to buy many of the same things from week to week, I've noticed some of them actually changing prices. For example, I used to buy a Duncan Hines brownie mix for $1. It's been going up pretty regularly and today it was "on special for" over $1.40. Increased prices on some things can just sneak by you because the manufacturers have started downsizing. What was 8 0z is now 7 or 7.6 and so on.

This morning I made the Bisquick Muffins Kate blogged about here. I swirled in a little cinnamon and they were scrumptious, by the way. However, that meant I needed to buy more paper muffin cups when I later went to the store. I've had a box of them for quite a while and I used the last of them this morning. When I came home with the replacement item from the store, I was shocked to see how much the size of the package had been downsized....from 88 to 36 muffin baking cups in the package. I remember years ago that these came in packages that lasted forever, probably hundreds of them. I doubt the price was reduced accordingly when the package changed. That seems like stealthy downsizing to me.


storybeader said...

that is a big different! I understand the prices going up and all, but changing the sizes - pretty sneaky, if you ask me!

It's the same as some staples I buy, like laundry soap. Are we really supposed to believe we don't need as much, bec it's stronger/better. I have to learn to make that natural laundry soap, or buy it from someone I trust!

Splendid Little Stars said...

absolutely true!
prices up:sizes down

Anonymous said...

We've been noticing the same thing for awhile now. The packages actually feel unusual to hold after so many years being the same size.

Another trick I have seen is the same size package, with less content.

Times, they are a changin!

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

Yup...I've been seeing it too!

glorybe1024 said...

spending more and getting less...I remember when my mom fed a family of five for $55 a week and that was including two teenaged boys that were bottomless pits!

Becky said...

Wow, big changes! I know my grocery bill is at least 20-25% more these days, but I hadn't realised they were downsizing too, that's just mean! It started with the high gas prices, what's their excuse now? :D