Friday, December 12, 2008

Mary Oliver

I was recently introduced to Mary Oliver, Pulitzer Prize winning poet, when a facilitator in a meeting read one of her poems ( I believe it was "Carrying a Snake into the Garden" though I can't find that poem on line, so here's another of her poems:

Some Things The World Gave

by Mary Oliver

1Times in the morning early

when it rained and the long gray

buildings came forward from darkness

offering their windows for light.

2Evenings out there on the plains

when sunset donated farms

that yearned so far to the west that the world

centered there and bowed down.

3A teacher at a country school

walking home past a great marsh

where ducks came gliding in --

she saw the boy out hunting and waved.

4Silence on a hill where the path ended

and then the forest below

moving in one long whisper

as evening touched the leaves.

5Shelter in winter that day --

a storm coming, but in the lee

of an island in a cover with friends --

oh, little bright cup of sun.

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