Sunday, September 14, 2008

Manic Monday Again

Crafting 365, Day 319, Cable Bib

I can't believe it's already Monday again. Ever notice how Saturdays and Sundays go by much faster than weekdays? Perhaps that is because they are so filled...this weekend I browsed thrift stores, made bread and cookies, had my DD and her BF for dinner, cleaned my craft area, had a meeting with a couple of my local Etsy team members to plan a craft show, did laundry, went to to the grocery store, cleaned the house, watched Northern Exposure on DVD, watched a really bad Clint Eastwood movie (I fell asleep) and knitted a couple of baby bibs. Sometimes I feel like I do so little on the weekend, but this seems like a pretty long list.

Manic Monday #134

What's worse, physical or mental cheating? Why? Everyone has thoughts they wouldn't want shared with the world, though not everyone thinks about cheating on a spouse or SO. In my book, physically cheating is worse because thoughts do not always translate into actions.

Do you think men and women can be just friends? Why or Why Not?

Yes, I do but I'm thinking of the famous line in the movie, "When Harry Met Sally" when Harry asserts that they can't. Actually, I've do have some male friends and I think it is possible though challenging to maintain them because people always make assumptions about relationships.

Check out this link with data on this topic:

How do you feel about dating co-workers? I think it would be difficult to date someone I worked with, depending on how closely we worked together. On the other hand, I can imagine working (e.g. in our own business) with my boyfriend. Perhaps the difference is about whether the relationship comes first or the job (chronologicaly speaking).


Teena in Toronto said...

I agree with you re #1!

I played too :)

Laane said...

It's not only chronologically.
When at work one has to set priorities.
We were able too.

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They're ::here::.

Have a great week!