Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday Flashback

Crafting 365, Day 317 Weaving

This photo shows the detail of a blanket/throw I wove in the late 1970's (does that make it vintage?) when we first moved to Pocatello. The design is aptly titled "Cat's Paw and Snail's Trail". At the time I started my short weaving addiction, I wasn't employed yet and I took weaving classes at a local craft store and then at the local college. I launched into several years of weaving, even after I got a job, starting with a simple frame loom and then moving up to a small floor loom and later a beautiful 36" Leclerc. I still have the large loom, but it sits unused in my basement. To be honest, I'm sure I've forgotten how to warp the loom. When I get more time in retirement, perhaps I'll gravitate back to weaving, because I did derive real pleasure from the craft. These days, knitting and felting require a little less planning and energy, are much more portable, and seem to be occupying my creative pursuits.

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