Monday, January 28, 2008

Grey sweater bag

Grey sweater bag, originally uploaded by homemadeoriginals.

Here's the bag I've been mentioning. It is "Icelandic design", pure wool and a thrift store find. There is enough of the designed portions left that she can make some Christmas ornaments. I put a drawstring with elastic in the top that can be adjusted. I also made a zippered pocket for the inside. All in all, I'm pleased with this bag. Even though it took me several hours to make, I spent much more time thinking about the design of the bag than I did in the actual construction. I do find it challenging to use cardigan sweaters for bags, which is what this one was. My friend didn't want the straps too long and she is taller than I am, so I hope it works for her.



Mallie said...

I really like the bag and hope your friend does, too. It looks wintry and fun.

Em said...

Great job on the bag - it's really cute! Em

HomeMadeOriginals said...

Yes, I think she liked it very much.