Saturday, January 26, 2008

Crafting 365 Days 61-90

Here are the photos of my Crafting 365 project, Days 61-90. Today, I made a couple of card cases made from recycled sweaters.

Lavender card case
Felted card case- Crafting 365/ Day 90!

I've been putting off another project which I need to get started on. My friend gave me a wonderful wool sweater she got at a thrift store. (It's in the mosaic above, right side, third picture down) and she wants me to make a tote bag from it for her. Something about having to create something specific from the sweater instead of just being able to create whatever I want has me postponing this task. I fulled the sweater about a week ago and have figured out the basic design, I just need to make it! Perhaps by posting about here, I'll feel committed to moving forward. First, I'm off to the grocery store and will be using my new recycled jeans grocery tote (fourth column, 5th picture down).


Mama Mayborne... said...

I love your blog and all the wonderful pictures. Looks like you have been very busy!!

Kallia said...

Oh, I saw this group on flickr! I think it's a good idea that brings people together to share their daily crafting experience.