Friday, January 25, 2008

Flickr Photo of the Week-Playing with Icicles

Cold, originally uploaded by katbaro.

This photo, which I chose as my Flickr photo of the week was taken by Katbaro or Kat one of my Flickr contacts. I was first attracted by her wonderful photos of food, knitting projects, and other everyday photos like this extraordinary shot. I discovered her blog about knitting and another one about food, both of which I have really enjoyed reading. She participated in Project 365, taking a photo everyday in 2007 and continuing into 2008. Check her out:

Her knitting blog:
Her food blog:
Her photo-project 365 blog:

The photo brings two immediate thoughts to mind. The first is COLD, bone-chilling cold like we have had the last few weeks where the high temperature for the day is in the teens at best and the lows are below zero. Her photo caption says "-1 this morning and today is the warm day of the week".

Then there is the vivid memory this photo provokes of a young 6-year old girl playing outside her house in Trail, British Columbia and eyeing a lovely long shard of ice hanging from the roof overhang much like the one in this photo. Somehow, it was low enough that it was just in reach and in a flash the icicle broke free and fell on her little face. That little girl was me and I still remember running crying in the house. As I recall, I was bleeding profusely and because our family physician lived next door and was at home (plus physicians actually made house calls in those days--this was in the 1950's), he came pretty immediately to check me out. The prognosis: I would be fine, but came very close to losing my eye. Needless to say, I never played with icicles again after that. I like to admire them from a distance!

And speaking of playing, I discovered some fun toys on Dumpr last night and enjoyed making some sketches from photos, like this one:

Pencil Sketch-Snickers

Here's the original photo it was created from:

What do you mean curiosity killed the cat?

Isn't that cool?

Go here if you want to create your own sketch from a photo, I promise it's extremely simple.


kat said...

glad you enjoyed the photo even if it brought back a scary memory

soap said...

I love Dumpr! Isn't it addictive?

Kallia said...

That dumpr link is neat. Thank you for sharing it. I really like your blog. :)