Thursday, December 6, 2007

Two zippered pouches

Two zippered pouches, originally uploaded by homemadeoriginals.

I've made these two zippered pouches over the past two days. One is simply pieces of a recycled sweater with a zipper. This would work great in a purse for holding small things. The other one was designed to hold a camera or other fragile item. It is fully lined with remnants from a recycled down vest and also has a belt loop strap.

Making the padded case was indeed frustrating. I was reminded of my mother many time as I was sewing, ripping and sewing. She always insisted that "anything doing is worth doing right" and I remember my first major sewing project which was a skirt and sailor-style shirt. It looked great, but I manged to put the zipper in the wrong side of the skirt. My mother insisted I take it out and redo it even though I told her I wouldn't mind having the zipper on my right instead of my left. My Mom's been gone for many years, but in many ways (like the little reminder today to do this project right) she is still very much with me.

Today is Day 40 of my crafting 365. I'm really pleased I haven't had a lapse though it has been made easier by being on vacation the past 2+ weeks. I've been challenged by trying to keep creating when I am away from my equipment and materials, but it's made me be more creative about making things from "found" items.

Today marks another milestone, I sold my 20th item on Etsy, my beige and green buttonhole bag with a white flower. I sold 20 items at the November boutique I participated in I've also sold 10 items locally, so I've sold a grand total of 50 items since starting in July! I'm pretty impressed with that number.

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