Friday, December 7, 2007

Get in the Christmas spirit--Flickr Photo of the Week

Christmas Ornaments, originally uploaded by craftsty.

Well, tomorrow we head home from our wonderful three week Arizona vacation. I found this lovely mosaic from one of my Flickr contacts, Craftsty and thought it would be just the thing to put me in a holiday mood so I've chosen it as my Flickr photo of the week.

It hardly feels like December here since it is sunny and 70 degrees (though really windy today). However I know it will be cold and perhaps snowy at home. Once I get back to Idaho, I'll want to get our my Christmas ornaments and my Christmas house collection and prepare for the holidays. I'm getting later start on all of this than ever before.

I think these ornaments may have been part of a swap Craftsy participated in. She also has a shop on Etsy. Her shop profile says "I love to sew, needle felt, and embroider and I make everything from bags to little needle felted mushroom guys to needle books and pincushions. Take a look at my Flickr website for things that I have made" Be sure you check out the adorable mushrooms in her shop.

I'm working on a new bag (knitted with the leftover natural bulky acrylic yarn I used for my neck warmers). I'll try to post a photo later to show progress for Day 41 of Crafting 365. Our last trip to the White Elephant Thrift Store today knitted 4 sets of wonderful metal knitting needles in sizes I don't have here for $.50 each. I felt like I really scored with these given the cost of new needles. I'm building up my collection here so I don't have to bring all my needles with me when we visit.

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Babz said...

Thanks for adding my photo :D

The ornaments are from the FAA Lucky Parcel group I admin on flickr. It's a blast!!

Also I have been wanting to get into that Crafting 365 and think Im going to start doing it next week once things get settled down hehe.

Thanks again for adding my photo and link to my shop!