Sunday, November 11, 2007

Crafting 365/16 Sheep bag

This may be my all-time favorite bag from a thrifted/recycled sweater. I came up with a new design which involved using the ribbing for the bottom of the bag. I also covered an old button with sweater material because I couldn't find a button I liked. The sweater was a wonderful 100% pure virgin wool sweater, "Glencairn Knitwear" made in New Zealand. When felted, it makes a wonderfully thick bag. I used the sleeves for the straps, making them long enough for a shoulder bag and used the neck for an interior pocket. It's so wonderful, I can't decide if I will keep it or sell it.

I had a pretty crafty day. Besides recovering from my sale yesterday, I made another little knitted Christmas stocking ornament, finished up the coasters I made for a friend (see Flickr for my photos of these) and made the sheep bag. Now, if someone would just clean up my crafting area, it's a total mess!

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Mitch said...

I love both of your felted sweater bags! Girlfriend and I bought some sweaters over a year ago to do this and I am just getting around to it. Yours are the cutest I have seen yet!