Thursday, October 18, 2007

Flickr Photo of the Week-Mosaic

I am a little ahead of myself this week since it's only Thursday night here, but I wasn't sure if I would have time to post tomorrow. This is a mosaic created with fd's Flickr Toys by flint knits. What a vibrant, gorgeous selection of photos. Flint Knits also makes gorgeous knitted items, has a couple of really nice free patterns on her blog. I'm planning to make the sweater or the bag someday. Thanks for the inspiration! I like the simplicity of her profile on Flickr:

"I like to knit. I'm writing a doctoral dissertation. I live in two cities. I have a cat." What a prolific knitter she is for a graduate student, I'm impressed.

This week, I was thrilled to receive this beautiful fall bouquet and fun bookmark for "Boss's Day". These were very bright spots in a week during which I had to spend many hours looking at budgets and spreadsheets.

Oh, and I also got THREE new knitting books this week!

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