Sunday, October 21, 2007

Snowfall and flowers

This morning, everything was covered in snow from last night's storm. It's a beautiful sunny day, about 45 degrees. The snow which covered everything (including my petunias that have hung on much later than other years) has now melted and the flowers are once again gorgeous. Amazing!
I think I wrote this poem in 2003. But I was reminded of it this morning when I awoke to this view:

Overnight, snow blankets the earth
And with the sky still dark
Brings an eerie sense of calm
And quiet to the world
How I wish it were true
But the snow cannot
End the strife in war-torn Yugoslavia
Feed the starving children in Somalia
Make the Palestinians love their Israeli neighbors
Or slow our destruction of the earth's natural systems.

As the light comes and the snow continues to fall
The now beautiful white shroud
Pretends to remove the pettiness and pain of life
Yet it cannot end
The inhumanity of man to man
Or the damage we cause
Each day to our home, the earth
I can only revel in its momentary beauty.
Yesterday and today, I've been working out different versions of knitted flowers. I felted three of them and I'm happy with the results, though the orange one got a bit more felted than I would like, I had to pry the "petals" apart to try to make it look like a flower when I took it out of the washing machine. The orange mohair one was made with a "mystery" yarn I picked up at the thrift store, I'm guessing now it doesn't have any acrylic content.

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Kristina B said...

all this and a poet too! impressive ;-)