Saturday, July 7, 2007

Needle Felted Nano case

Today, I created my first felted case for a Nano. I decided to put a clip/hook on it so it can be attached to a purse, backpack, etc. It was my first venture into needle felting also. I used some tapestry yarn I had and my new tools--Clover Felting mat and Clover Felting Needle Tool It was very easy to do, you just have to be very careful to keep your fingers away from the extremely sharp needles in the tool.

Yesterday, I had a great find at Goodwill, a collection of different yarns in pinks and fuchsias. I knitted up small swatches which I am felting in order to find out how much they will felt before deciding what I am going to create with them.

Today, I read about dropping backgrounds out of photos using Photo shop. Hope to experiment with that later and improve my photos. My Flickr account has most of my project photos now as well as pictures of some of my favorite places. There is a link on the right and I put a widget at the bottom of my blog that displays some of my Flickr photos.

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