Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Cozies for garage door openers

Well, this may seem a bit strange, but I whipped up "cozies" for our garage door openers. Years ago, the hardware that attached mine to the sun visor got lost or broken and I didn't feel like it looked too nice even though it still worked to open the door. So, since I'm on a felting jag and thinking about making felted just about anythings these days, I came upon the idea of making a cozy that would make it look more attractive. The heart marks the spot where you press the button. Jerry got one too, be he wanted his to be plain, no heart.

Recipe for a Garage Door Opener Cozy:

1 recycled sweater, felted nicely, cut from the sleeve a portion about 6 inches from the cuff up.
Turn inside out and stitch across bottom.
Attach strip of Velcro to top inside of back
If desired, stitch a design on the front to mark the spot you need to press to open the garage door.
Voila! You have a garage door opener that is a fashion statement (mine matches the interior of my car)

1 comment:

The Garage Expert said...

This is a very creative use of an old sweater. Love Nice.