Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Completed first Lucy Bag

While I was on vacation, I completed my first Lucy bag. Two Old Bags makes the Lucy bag pattern. It's available from Knitwits http://www.knitwitts.com/item/The_Lucy_Bag/1991/p2c80 or you can do a Google search to find it elsewhere. This is a very cool pattern that has one long and one short handle ; the long one is looped through the short one to close the bag. I saw one of these bags made up in my local knitting shop and fell in love with it. For my first bag, I used Cascade 220 wool and made the "tall" version of the bag and knitted the bottom and stripes with a contrasting color. I have to say when I completed the bag, it just looked huge. However, once felted twice in the washing machine, it is a very handsome but reasonably large bag. I am already working on my second and third Lucy bags in different sizes and colors. These bags are knitted with Patton's wool.

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Monika said...

Oh, very nice! I made two of those, they are a lot of fun!