Friday, February 1, 2013

Table runners

This was one of the first wedding projects.  It would have been easy except for the fact that I made 28 of them!  My daughter liked some table runners she saw on Etsy, however, they were $48 apiece.  Needless to say, she turned to her crafty mother and I volunteered to make them. 

I didn't keep step by step photos, but these are the steps I followed to make the runners:

  • cut fabric into 4 strips across and 3' to 5' in length (depending on table size)
  • sewed a narrow hem all around using my machine
  • Cut fusible hem tape (5/8") in half lengthwise (I couldn't find any that was thin enough)
  • Hemmed again by ironing and inserting fusible hem tape all around.(I did not want any stitching to show on the top side.)

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