Monday, October 4, 2010


Do you have a favorite pair of shoes. You can almost count on the fact that "they don't make them anymore" if you want to find another pair. My favorites are a funky pair of Sketchers with fabric and buttons. Almost inevitably, someone comments on them when I wear them because they are so unique. But they are getting worn and some of the buttons have fallen off. I now have to wear them on weekends as they don't seem presentable enough for work.

I haven't seen them anywhere in shops. So I decided to Google them (unsuccessful) look on EBay on the off chance that I could find a new pair there. I checked inside the shoes for a model number and lo and behold found that I have one size 8 shoe and another size 7.5. Never noticed, but I did pick these up at a discount department store, and obviously I didn't check the insides of the shoes. Never noticed this before.

Anyway, I lucked out and found a size 8 on EBay. And now, I have a new version of my favorites!

Speaking of favorites, I've got a couple of recent felting projects that involve favorites. I turned a shrunken favorite sweater into a vest (above) for friend Meg. Also, a local customer brought me two sweaters with sentimental value (they were her grandfather's). I'll be documenting the process of converting these into a new bag here on my blog.

Step one was to sew up the many holes in both sweaters before felting. I missed a few. I thought I had checked carefully, by holding the sweaters up to the window light, but two managed to escape my scrutiny. It's important to sew up holes because they tend to get larger as the sweater agitates in the washing machine.

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memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

Those shoes are so cute...glad you found a new pair :) I had to laugh at the different sizes!

What a neat idea to turn sentimental clothing into bags!