Sunday, July 25, 2010

One down


Jojo sweater

One project that I had set aside and thought I would never finish is NOW done! The pattern is the JoJo Sweater by Holli Yeoh. I found these little square buttons in some of the same colors as squares on the back of the sweater.

Now, on to another project that needs finishing...which should I tackle first? How many projects do you have on the needles?


LoopyLou said...

The colours are gorgeous, and I love the little square buttons.. I am just finishing one of my many unfinished projects too, a little red & pink kids jumper. I think it helps blogging about unfinished projects as it spurs you on into finishing them.

Nico Designs said...

So cute! I tend to think sweaters were made my little elves because I can barely chain a straight and consistent line. A sweater is never in my future:(

Splendid Little Stars said...

It's so cute! I love the little squares on the back.

Holli Yeoh said...

The square buttons are the perfect finishing touch for your project. Beautifully done!

Anitra Cameron said...

I love it!

I don't knit, but on the (crochet) hook? Two, both nearly finished, but languishing for several years. You make me resolve to finish them both!