Friday, September 25, 2009

Hello, this is me in beautiful Jackson Hole, WY

September 25 Memories For Life is hosting the Etsy Bloggers Blog Carnival. I chose this topic:

1) Show your face! I love to know the artist behind the work. Show us a picture of yourself and talk about your work, life...whatever.

So, here I am on a recent day trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. It's a lovely place you should definitely visit sometimes if you have never been there, and you should go again if you've been before. I recommend it as being good for your soul. We live just about 3 hours drive from this great place.

About me...I work full time as a regional manager for state government. I create primarily hand knitted and felted items. I started my Etsy shop just over two years ago and this year, I have been participating in the local Saturday market. I get great pleasure from seeing customers touch and feel (and hopefully purchase) my handmade items.


Kathleen said...

Great pictures! It is nice to see the face behind the creations =) Nice that you live close to such beautiful scenery =)

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! I wanna move to where the 2nd one is...I see my home already!

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

Beautiful photos!
Jesse and I go to Wyoming almost every year on a snowmobile trip and Jackson Hole is one we have always wanted to visit :)

NICO Designs said...

Gorgeous! I heard that the winters are fierce.

I wish I could find a local Saturday market. It would make it so much fun to get out there more.

Rose Works Jewelry said...

Great pictures :)

Splendid Little Stars said...

You live in a most glorious part of the world!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Pictures!! Envy you for your beautiful trip!!