Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cool Tools for Etsy Sellers

I just learned about another useful 3rd-party application for Etsy sellers from an Etsy discussion and then read about it on Unofficial Etsy News (UEN). Featsy is a simple RSS or email notification system for front page or gift guide appearances, plus some site stats.

Featsy is short for “featured Etsy”. The site tracks featured items and users on Etsy’s front page and gift pages.
Featsy has two pages. The Search page is where you can enter your shop name and email address, and be notified by RSS or email when you appear either on the front page or in the Gift Guides. The Stats page lists the top 5 sellers appearing on the front page or Gift Guides for the past day or the past week.

If you are a seller on Etsy and haven't checked out Featsy or UEN, be sure to do so. Also, another great site for Etsy sellers is the "heartomatic" which is now hosted on (it previously was on and which easily allows sellers to check their views and hearts.

Missed your moment of fame on Etsy's front page and want to see what it looked like? Here's a Flickr group for posting front page treasuries.

Etsy for Everyone, a blog with some good information.

Squidoo lens on Etsy tools.

Then there is EtsyHacks which was created by an Etsy spouse. The hacks consist of Greasemonkey scripts that can be run with the Firefox browser.

I also discovered "LetsEts" which provides a suite of free tools to make the lives of Etsy sellers easier, including a formatter for Google Base. LetsEts is also working on these features which sound very exciting:
Statistics to help you analyze your sales and listings
Dashboard and Yahoo widgets to monitor new sales.
A bulk lister

PS If you look closely in the photo above, you can see that this week, I achieved 150 sales on Etsy!


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Thanks for this post! I'm going to have to look into this more :)

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I really enjoyed your blog. This is my first visit. I'm rather new to Etsy and your blog has lot of interesting Etsy info. Thanks.