Thursday, September 4, 2008

Thursday Thoughts-Sleep Knitting

Crafting 365, Day 283 Three Needle bind off
I am an admitted knitting fanatic. I had to laugh when my friend J said to me today (when he saw me knitting while watching the US Open and waiting for water to boil to make dinner) , "You know you'd get at lot more knitting done if you could knit in your sleep" . "You'd wake up and have a sweater done...but if you had a bad dream, you might end up tangled to the bed frame. " Sleep knitting, what a concept! Much more productive than sleep walking or sleep eating (something I hadn't heard of until I saw it on TV recently, people who sleep walk, eat large quantities of food, and go back to bed without remembering a thing).

I've managed to almost finish my second CPH (Central Park Hoodie) sweater. I'm working on the button band right now and then just have to seam it up. of course the button band is about 320 stitches on a 60" long needle so it may take a while. The first CPH sweater I knit didn't need buttonholes because I was planning on a zipper. I was excited to learn the three needle bind off with these sweaters, it makes a really nice seam. I used it to seam the hoods on these two sweaters. This technique is SO easy I am wondering why I hadn't used it before. The bind off in process is shown below on CPH #1 and the finished result is shown on CPH#2 below. Here is a link to Knitting Help's video of the technique.

Central Park Hoodie #1 is still sitting on my work table waiting for a zipper...maybe this weekend I will get it finished (or maybe tonight if I can will myself to sleep knit!) It's already getting cool here, the trees up in the hills above town are starting to turn, and it will be sweater wearing weather.
Crafting 365, Day 309, Three needle bind off outside
I'm happy to report that I sold my first Cabled Neck Warmer pattern on Ravelry today. I've sold 70 copies on Etsy and locally, but this was my first one on Ravelry.

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Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

I really laughed when I read this. Its so funny because my daughter does the same thing. She takes her knitting everywhere and even to church and work. Its amazing our hobbies can be so compelling! I admit to the same thing, mostly, with making quilts.