Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday --Day 9 of my new Challenge

I've been so successful with my Crafting 365 efforts (365 days of consecutive crafting and posting photos to Flickr to document my efforts), I'm on day 327 and can see the end in sight.

The success inspired me to set a new goal a couple of weeks ago that I hadn't shared yet because I wasn't sure I could really do it (I'm still not, honestly) but now I've managed to follow through for two weeks and so I feel like I can declare it to the blogging world. I am calling it my "Fitness 150" project. No photos to post for this one (thankfully) but I am going to try to engage in regular physical exercise at least 3 days a week for the next year. One day a week will hopefully involve playing tennis for a couple of hours(which hardly seems like work) but the others will be spent in my exercise room, on the treadmill, with my weights and/or the exercise bike. I can't depend on outdoor exercise for the next 6 months or so since I live in Idaho and I feel determined to do better with this than I did last winter. Today is actually day 9 as I started my challenge back on the 7th of September. I've signed up with Fitlink , a free webiste, and am using it to track my days as well as hours/minutes of exercise.
So, I officially challenge myself to exercise 3 times a week and make the goal of 150 days by September 7 next year. The photo above shows my exercise room (formerly guest bedroom). You can see the treadmill reflected in the gaudy, old family mirror on the wall. I'll save the story of the mirror for another day.

I've also started reading a book, Open House, by Elizabeth Berg. It's been on a shelf gathering dust since I bought it for $2 a thrift store. I'm embarrassed to think how long it has been since I a book just for pleasure, and me an English major! This year I've been so preoccupied with my crafting, starting a local Etsy team, and work, that my reading has been pretty much confined to the local newspaper, on-line news, and Sunset and Stanford magazines. So far, I'm loving Elizabeth Berg's style of writing and her novel in which she "re-creates her life after divorce" resonates with me. And now, I need to go do the work that allows me to chalk off "Day 9" of my new challenge. Happy Sunday!

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