Saturday, September 20, 2008

Idaho Gems-Treasury of SE Idaho Team Members Items

I put together this treasury of items from Southeast Idaho Etsy members. It will be available on Etsy for the next two days...stop by and check it out here.

I had three people for my first knitting class today plus a number of others who stopped by and said they might like to take a class in the future. I finished a neck warmer in lovely aqua Alpaca (still needs butons) and also finished a small bag that I plan to felt.
Crafting 365, Day 326, new bag to felt


It's also Day 326 of my Crafting 365. So, it was a very productive Saturday. I'm starting on the next bag tonight. These are part of the inventory I'm planning for the holiday season.


Kate said...

Thanks for the treasury, Frances, it's lovely!
I thought about you and your class while I was in Old Town this afternoon - I'm so glad it went well.

Kate said...

Thanks. The craft column in Family Living is something I agreed to on a whim to help out a desperate editor, but I've been having a lot of fun with it. I was pleased with how my project turned out, but I wrote that column in a hurry and wasn't totally satisfied with how I wrote it. Ah well, always next month.

I love the color of your new neckwarmer, by the way.