Saturday, August 16, 2008

Sweater Addiction?

I think this sweater pattern is addictive. It's the Central Park Hoodie. I finished #1 yesterday but already have the back done on #2 (I started on it while I was waiting for my 60" cable for my options needle to arrive so I could knit the button band in one piece.) I started sweater #1 on July 5 and finished it August 15. I think I've only knitted one other adult sized sweater in my life, so I see this as a huge accomplishment. The fact that I love this sweater makes completing it all the more special. (The first one I knit was rarely worn, though I still have it, just couldn't part with it after all the work!)

Here's #1 completed I used Plymouth Encore Worsted weight (75% acrylic and 25% wool), used size 6 and 8 needles and knit size 40. I made the sweater longer, increased every 6 rows on the sleeves to give more room, did a three needle bind off for the hood, shortened the sleeves, and knitted a 1" button band with i-cord bind off. I plan to put a separating zipper in once I find or order (from one to match.
All the details including my yarn and modifications are in my Ravelry account.

And here's my start on #2, which is knitted in Cascade 220 super wash.


sue said...

Isnt it a great pattern to knit up. I gave my first one to my sister as it wasnt long enough in the length, but I do plan on knitting another one one day for me. Your second one looks so nice in the blue color, and the first one looks as though it will be very warm for you to wear through winter too.

Kim said...

WOW! It seems like you finished this so quickly. It looks great and would be one of my favorites sweaters.

Anonymous said...

Both are very nice.But the second one is so cute than first one.It is because of color.

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