Thursday, July 3, 2008

Stash busting....Busted!

EtsyBloggers treasury, originally uploaded by homemadeoriginals.

First I have to share this wonderful treasury my beige wristlet was included in. Thanks, StoryBeader from EtsyBloggers for putting together this treasury.

Now, a confession. I actually thought about making this month a stash busting month, one in which I bought little or no new yarn or other supplies. I thought about it for a whole (almost) two days...and then I went to my LYS because I had to check to see if they were going to carry my pattern (Yay, they are!) and I learned they would have 40% off their yarn tomorrow for their one year anniversary. So, my stash busting efforts are totally busted. Instead of staying home and working on my stash, I'll be stocking up at the LYS on Saturday morning. Tonight I'm thinking about projects I want to make and yarn I want to buy.

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