Wednesday, July 2, 2008

It was supposed to be a....

it was supposed to be a bag, a slightly bigger version of this. When I felted it, it came out a little strange shaped and more felted on the top than the bottom. And I was totally unhappy with the strap because it didn't felt much at all. So, the strap is gone, I'm going to make two smaller straps (maybe in dark brown) and it's becoming a backpack. Stay tuned for the final product.
Cherry tree
And this photo says, it was supposed to be a cherry pie, but instead it's turning out to be bird food. The birds are eating all my cherries before they are ripe enough for us humans to eat. The phto makes them look ready to pick, but believe me they are still too sour. But, don't they look lovely! Photo courtesy of JJ.

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