Sunday, June 22, 2008

Bunny Sweater Again, Giveaway continues

Here is finished Easy Bunny Pullover #2. I love the color combination which was selected by the acquaintance who commissioned it. She saw me making the first Easy Bunny Pullover and just had to have one for a new baby in her family, a boy with lots of dark hair.

It's interesting how the same yarn and needle size can't end up with something different looking. Notice the shape of the bunny on the two sweaters. I actually think I liked the first one best, this one is a bit too chunky. I did a better job on sweater #2 of carrying the yarn for the inastarsia though the result is a bit of a "ridged" look to the bunny. I put a little Fray Check on the yarn ends of the bow and tacked it to the sweater with some blue thread so hopefully it will survive washing. I do think I would like this sweater better knitted a size 12 months or 2 years (this one is 6 months size)so that the bunny is a little less prominent on the sweater. Never mind, it is DONE and i will deliver it next week.

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sue said...

Oh what a cute little sweater and the bunny looks so cute. I know when I knit intarsia mine always looks really lumpy so I try and avoid knitting it if I can.

Bunny B said...

Super adorable sweater!! BUNNY!!! I love bunnies :)