Monday, May 19, 2008

Bunny Sweater Completed Day 200

I'm in Sun Valley today for a conference. It's gorgeous here, I'm sitting overlooking the ice skating rink and watching the budding Olympic hopefuls practicing their spins and jumps. Some are as young as 6 or 8 and glide around the rink with incredible ease. I was able to take this photo outside in the sunshine with my cell phone, not the best resolution and a bit too bright, but it gives you a pretty good picture of how the sweater turned out. Someone at the conference already asked me about making one to give a new baby in brown with blue and white, so I am beginning to imagine that and I how I might improve on sweater #1.

PS May 20: I just had to replace the photo I posted with a better one now that I am home.


Mary said...

This such a cute sweater! You did a great job on it- lucky baby!

kawaii crafter said...

the sweater is adorable and I like the colors you chose along with the bow on the bunny's neck. I can see why someone would want you to make one for them.