Sunday, May 18, 2008

200 Days of Crafting 365

Wow, I made it 200 consecutive days of crafting. And I finished the Easy Bunny Pullover today. Unfortunately, I am traveling and forgot to bring my card reader so I can't download photos from my camera. I managed to take a post a poor quality photo from my cell phone to Flickr. You can check it out there, but I promise to post a better photo within a few days right here. I am doing a happy dance that I made it to day 200 of crafting. You can check out my slide show in the right margin of my blog to see all 200 photos of my crafting efforts.


Mary Jane said...

You are amazing! Congratulations. You make me believe that maybe I could do it too. I need to get my groove back, the "new job" (of almost a year now) is no longer a viable excuse!

Mary Jane said...

I have to add what a cool slideshow thingy that pictobrowser is. To think you crafted for 200 consecutive days AND took pictures of it, 200 days of craft photos too!