Monday, May 12, 2008

Refurbished family heirloom--Finished

Isn't this cute fabric? I used it to make the liner for my family bassinet which I blogged about earlier. I've spent weeks researching and then repairing the wicker on this baby. I bought 2 yards each of this cute Pooh fabric...the yellow actually has little Pooh bears on it too. To constuct the cover, I took polyester crib sized batting and cut it to fit the inside of the bassinet (2 overlapping pieces) Then I cut the two fabrics to the same size and shape and with the batting on the back of one fabric, I put the two fabrics right side together and sewed all around the outside inserting a 1/2 yard length of ribbon (folded in half) every 12 inches or so. Of course I left a 6" or more section for turning it right side out. After clipping and pressing, I top stitched by machine around the edge and also from the center ribbons straight down to the bottom.

I also made a matching "fitted sheet" but cutting an oval about 5 or 6" bigger all around than the mattrress, hemming, and sewing a casing for elastic.

Successes: I love the fabric and the way it all goes together (see below for the finished product!)
Areas for improvement: I think I made the ribbons a bit too short to tie around the bassinet (I may have to fix that); and
I pulled the elastic for my "fitted sheet" a bit too tight, making it hard to get the sheet off and on.
Like with anything else, I have learned and if I were to make another bassinet set (most unlikely!) I would defintely make some adjustments.
Bassinet with liner-Crafting 365/195


Sixsisters said...

This is adorable !! Lucky baby.

Precious Quilts said...

This is so lovely! What a wonderful project that is obviously so well done:)

sylvia said...

You have done a great job with this pram. Very good fabric choice and this will continue to live another 100 years in your family.It is absultly worth all the work and effort. this baby must be special one. :-) Sylvia

Kim said...

This turned out just incredible. I, too, love the fabric. Pooh talks to me.

Great work!

. said...

I love heirlooms, they mean so much. Your's is a beautifilled example of family history.

storybeader said...

That is a Beautiful! piece - the fabrics, the ties, the bassinet in the first place (I love wicker). And the wheels are great. You've really put a lot of work into it (I remember your earlier post!) So, who gets the family heirloom; a daughter?

HomeMadeOriginals said...

Thanks so much. I am very proud of how it turned out. My mother would have approved, especially since I reworked it until I got it "right". It's going to my son and his wife to use with my first grandchild. Tune in later tonight for the "new improved version" which I've completed but not yet posted about.

Angie said...

That is a gorgeous bassinette!