Saturday, April 12, 2008

Special Orders don't upset us

I've had custom orders for 4 items this week and for some reason I just can't get this jingle out of my head: "Hold the pickle.Hold the lettuce.Special orders don't upset us." I think it was a Burger King commercial perhaps from the 70's or if not, then the 80's.

I love creating to a customer's specification though it's a challenge sometimes. I had a wool vest a customer wanted made into a bag recently and it took me a few weeks (fortunately she was in no hurry) to figure out how to best use the vest in a bag. Then as I proceeded, I discovered the vest had several moth holes and I had to find a way to work around that. I did love the way the bag turned out.

I've been trying to post more of my finished (and in process) projects to Ravelry which means I've been looking at the photos in my Flickr account and seeing what I can add from there. You'll notice the knitting works in progress are now documented on the right hand side of my blog. In looking at my Flickr photos, I came across this poncho which was the first project to get me back into knitting, completed in December 2006. I think I can also credit this project to my starting an Etsy shop even though I gave it to my daughter in law because it got me creating again after a long hiatus.
Blue poncho
Not long after finishing this project and making an afghan, I started making items that ended up in my Etsy shop beginning in July 2007.

This morning, I went to a wonderful rummage sale and one of my thrift stores today and ended up with a wonderful collection of things...two wool sweaters, three books including one with a copyright of 1868 called Tales from the Diary of a Sister of Mercy. I'm not sure the content will interest me much, but I was fascinated to find a book of that vintage for 50 cents. I also got a little doll sized or wall hanging sized quilt (hand quilted) for $1, two wool sweaters for felting, a pair of silk and rayon pants which I will use for lining, a lovely blue ceramic pot and wonderful wooden bowl and a very interesting wicker container, all for $15 (and the wicker item was $5 of the total). It will go right up there with my all time fun rummage/thrift adventures. Check out the photos of these great items on my Flickr page later today.

Finally, I made another great discovery on the computer finding the tool that allowed me to make a slide show of the Crafting 365 photos I have on Flickr. I'm up to day 166 today, and still going. I can't seem to insert the slide show here in the post, so I'll have to find another spot somewhere on my blog. OK it's on the right, near the top. You can scroll through and see all the photos I've posted to my Flickr account in the Crafting 365 set so I believe it should expand to more pictures as I add them there. I love things that update automatically!


Allison said...

I just joined Ravelry recently - haven't been able to transfer much over yet. (By the way, your villa below looks adorable!)

Kim said...

Sounds like a great rummage sale. I've been trying to catch up on everything since being away and look forward to seeing your photos on flickr. Plus, I'm going to check out what you are loading onto Ravelry.

moonmystic said...

Great blog and great work!

Anitra Cameron said...

I remember that jingle!

Beautiful blog. (Just saw you in forums. Now I have to go back and add the link to mine, lol.)