Sunday, April 27, 2008

Repair completed-Crafting Day 180

Well, it's far from perfect, but I'm pretty pleased with the results. Part way through this two-day saga, I thought it was hopeless, however, I persisted. I figure that a new coat of paint will make it look pretty good actually. It's definitely structurally stronger. In addition to painting it, I plan to make a new cover/liner and then I have to figure out how I am getting it from Idaho to California.

I think it would actually be much easier to make a new basket from scratch than it was to repair a damaged item like this.. It was pretty comical when I had the bassinet with cane sticking out all over upside down in my bathtub. The cane gets really pliable when it is wet, but unfortunately the painted cane didn't really give at all.


Ashleigh said...

I am so intrigued by basketweaving! great work with your repair! I love your blog and your etsy site!

storybeader said...

I think it looks great. It reminds me of those old-fashioned baby carriages!