Tuesday, March 25, 2008

New Beginnings, A Do-Over

I'm visiting Arizona and loving the spring weather. Yesterday this was the view of the baby doves in a corner of the porch. Today, I got to watch the last one take flight and leave it's perch. First it fluffed up its feathers a few times, then seemed to nervously look around for dangers (I was watching from the bedroom window, perhaps out of eye sight range, though I am not sure because he/she kept looking my way.) Then somehow he/she slipped, almost fell off backwards and started rapidly flapping his wings and got back to the safety of the ledge. Moments later, when the postman walked up to the building, startling the little bird, he flew off in what seemed to be effortless flight. Later, I saw him on the grounds seemingly being coaxed by a parent to travel from place to place. For a while he appeared to be stranded in the median of the busy street. A successful do-over for the baby dove which brought back memories of having a teen-aged driver.

On the craft scene I made this little wristlet from the thrifted sweater I felted yesterday:

It's in my Etsy shop along with a couple of others that are similar in design.

My do-over was the result of being frustrated over my inastarsia (sp?) technique which really looked bad on the second to the last section of the Moderne Baby Blanker. I have worked so long and hard on this project and couldn't see not getting this part right. So, I frogged 58 garter ridges (116 rows!) to get back to where I could start the joining again since after 116 tries, I seemed to be getting the knack of making it look even. This was very hard for me to do, just like the baby bird getting back on the ledge after nearly falling off) but I know I'll be much happier with the end result. I would like to say that I see the end in sight but I still have about 100 rows of this section and then one more long section to complete.


Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

You know the setting of that bird is so pretty it could be a painting.

woolies said...

I'm in Tucson !!
A nest started to be built in a corner of our porch...the wind blew it down. :0(
Isn't Tucson great??

kt said...

Are you golfing? We have family near there in a tee-tiny town called Three Points. Stayed at a very nice little resort in Green Valley on our way down to Nogales one weekend.

Nice place!

Anonymous said...
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