Friday, March 28, 2008

I'm a Fool for April Fool's Day

Well, not really. I've never been much of prankster myself. I can't seem to keep a straight face when I'm fooling someone. This topic is the theme for this week's Blog Carnival of the Etsy Blogger's Street team and I am trying to be a good team member and participate.

Today's local paper actually had an article about April fool's pranks though I didn't really find any there worth sharing. My recollections from childhood include several pranks my Dad played on my sister and I including the old trade the salt for something else trick and his favorite, put shaving cream in the toothpaste tube.

I researched the origins of April Fool's Day since I have no idea how this day originated. Seems there is uncertainty about this. I found this on the museum of hoaxes site which has the most detailed accounting of possible origins:

The origin of April Fool's Day remains clouded in obscurity. Basically no one
knows exactly where, when, or why the celebration began. What we do know is that
references to 'All Fool's Day' (what April Fool's Day was first called) began to
appear in Europe during the late Middle Ages. All Fool's Day was a folk
celebration and elite participation in it was minimal (which is why it's so
difficult to trace the exact origin of the day, because the people celebrating
it back then weren't the kind of people who kept records of what they did). But
what is clear is that the tradition of a day devoted to foolery has ancient
roots. As we look back in time we find many ancient predecessors of April Fool's

Here are a couple of sources you can visit to read more.

I'd love to hear from some readers about April fool's pranks they remember.

I am very close to having the Moderne Baby Blanket completed...hooray!!! I have about 12 more rows to knit then need to figure out how to finish the blanket edge, I'm thinking applied i-cord or crochet. Now that would be a cruel April fools joke to find out that I'm really not almost finished with that forever project.

This week I listed three new wristlets in my Etsy shop and sold two copies of my cabled neck warmer knitting pattern. Here are the wristlets, all made from recycled sweaters:


woolies said...

what's your name on Ravelry? I want to see the baby blanket!?
(I'm on there too, but hardly ever go to visit...)

HomeMadeOriginals said...

I'm homemadeoriginal on Ravelry (no "s" since they wouldn't accept a user name any longer than that). I haven't posted a new photo of the baby blanket there in a while, but I will probably post a new one tomorrow and certainly once it's all done.

By the way, I don't really play golf (your previous post), only very ocassionally.

Anonymous said...
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"t" said...

your wristlets are gorgeous and so clever! love your blog...=)


Thanks for reminding me about April Fool's Day... now I have to think of a good prank for my boyfriend!

Thanks for stopping by Heart Handmade this weekend, I'm glad you enjoyed it! -Marichelle

Doodlesprouts said...

I had never thought about the origin of April Fool's, never would have guessed it goes that far back.

Great wristlets too - I love items made of recycled materials!

Stormy Designs said...

Great read, thanks for participating.