Sunday, March 30, 2008

Felted and floral goodness

Felted bag for me, originally uploaded by homemadeoriginals.

I decided it was about time I made a felted bag for myself. Yesterday, I drew out a pattern very similar to a favorite purse and today I made this bag. It's lined in a linen type beige fabric and has a magnetic closure as well as one interior pocket. I used hand-stitching along the top of the bag and the strap. I learned a few things so I hope to repeat the pattern at some point in the future and improve on my first effort. However, I am very happy with this bag and with completing it so quickly. Everything I used to make the bag was thrifted including the sewing machine, thread, sweater, and lining. Only the magnetic closure was purchased new. Here are some other photos of the bag:
My bag interior
Felted bag for me

Tonight, I finished the applied i-cord on the Moderne Baby Blanket. The "forever project" that I started in early February is finally completed and tomorrow I will take photos. This is a gift for my first grandchild, due in August and I am so happy to finally have it done. It was a very boring (all garter stitch) knit, but I love the results.

Between projects, I was able to explore a bit and observe Spring in the desert as evidenced by these photos:
Spring is here


Anonymous said...
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AnnieB said...

I love those photos of yours and your new bag...and your blanket - you are doing a lot of great stuff these days!