Friday, February 22, 2008

Minty by Stellaloella-Flickr Photo of the week

minty, originally uploaded by stellaloella.

Don't you just love the colors in this gorgeous creature that was photographed by Stellaloella, one of my Flickr contacts? Sorry I skipped posting a photo of the week last week, but I think this one makes up for my omission. Seriously, I want to make a bag in these colors. Under one of her other wonderful butterly photos, Stellaloella explains, "The Butterfly House is part of the Missouri Botanical Gardens. It's an educational center with a greenhouse conservatory filled with plants and over 90 species of butterflies and moths from around the world. It's quite captivating." You should definitely check out this whole series of photos from the Butterfly House.

When you go to Stellaloella's blog at you will find a list of places to find to find her (Etsy, flickr, etc) and this simple statement:


I love the honesty and simplicity of that so much but I have to say that I was seriously challenged, trying to figure out how to put in that "strikeout mode" into this Blogpost.

If you go to her profile on Etsy, you'll find that she is an Etsy Admin and that she "used to have a successful pottery & handbound book shop here, prior to being hired for my dream job. Free time to make stuff is scarce these days, so the shop is closed for now."

I did check out her pottery here: and really hope she will get back into making it again.

One more thing, I didn't see any reference to the origin of her user name, Stellaloella, but the "Name Game" song from the 60's keeps running through my head when I think of that name (her real name is Lauren, by the way) I just have to say

Stella Stella bo bella
Banana fanna fo fella
Fe fi mo mella.... STELLA!

Now like me you won't be able to get that silly song out of your head.

Last night I worked on this. Felted coffee cozy

I was so proud of myself for figuring out a pattern for a coffee sleeve (since I didn't have one handy from Starbucks) that I totally blew it and put the embroidered design on upside down. I only realized this when I thought I had it finished and tried it on a cup. Duh! Since I haven't been able to figure how to make an upside down coffee cup look like something....I think I'd better just tear out my stitching and start again. By the way, this was one of the suggestions I got from a reader re: what to do with my scraps of orange felted sweater...I have a few other ideas too and some wool left.

Yesterday, I was featured in this lovely treasury on Etsy:
Sunset treasury 022008

I got a call today from a freind of a friend who saw one of my sweater bags and is bringing me a wool vest she wants felted and made into a bag. It's great to have another custom order.

Finally, we've been watching Northern Exposure Season 1 on DVD this week. Last night's show was one where Joel (Dr. F) gets dumped by his girlfriend Elaine who is back in New York and Ed and Maggie try to give him "closure" by having Maggie dress up like Elaine which leads to this dialogue:
Joel: Sex should be wild. Unfettered and free. We're animals, aren't we? And, basically, we're all wolves in sheep's fur. I always wanted more. Not frequency, I am not talking about frequency; although that would have been great, too. I wanted more intensity. I wanted to be out there, outside myself, outside my skin. I wanted sex to be like robbing life out of the jaws of death!
Maggie: Wow...
Joel: Are you okay?
Maggie: Why?
Joel: Well, it's 20 below out, and you're breaking a sweat.

I didn't really watch the show much when it aired in 1991, so I can't wait to find out what happens next. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see what may be developing between Joel and Elaine.


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I absolutely love Northern Exposure. The coffee sleeve looks great - even the little upside down cup!

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