Sunday, February 24, 2008

Finished laptop project

Laptop cover, originally uploaded by homemadeoriginals.

I've been thinking about and working on this for some time and am thrilled with the final result. Hopefully, my customer will be also. I have only scraps of this fulled wool sweater left at this point, but created this bag as well as a couple of smaller items I blogged about earlier.

I had a great weekend. Last night my daughter and her boyfriend were here for my Chicken Lasagna (sorry I fogot to photograph it whie it was "pretty", now it's just leftovers). I got another custom order this weekend and sold four other items from my Etsy shop, including 3 copies of my Cabled Neck Warmer pattern. I'm looking into how to be able to sell it directly from Ravelry too. One of the purcahsers crochet18purple bought the pattern yesterday and already knitted her own neckwarmer and posted it on her blog along with a link to my Etsy store:
She recommended my pattern for knitters who are new to cables.

Here are a few more photos of the laptop cover. Unfortunately, I just can't get the orange color right on this, it is more of a deep brownish orange than the bright orange that shows in my photos. I did decide it was time to bring out my tripod to see if it will result in better photos. I also got some tips from a forum on Etsy on how to get a white background in Photoshop elements. So, I'll be trying that out later today.
Laptopo cover
Laptop cover, back
This is a poor photo, but the color is more like the actual item:
Laptop cover

Oh, I almost forgot. I figured out how to link to my Ravelry account to show progress bars for knitting projects I have posted there. You'll find this near the top of the blog on the right hand side. I had a progress bar before, but it was so much work trying to keep it updated, this one will automatically update when I change things on Ravelry. You'll see I only have one project, my Moderne Baby Blanket there now.


Bridget said...

I think you're laptop - notebook computer bag came out great.

rtisan said...

That is just GORGEOUS! I love the embroidery

HomeMadeOriginals said...

Thanks so much, I really enjoyed this project.

Kim said...

Hoorah! This is absolutely beautiful and Bugg will love it. I will take a stab at taking some photos as soon as it arrives. P.S. I, also, have a new laptop so one may be in my future as well ; )

eydie said...

nice blog, nice post!