Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

(sorry my photo disappeared from Flickr when my account was closed by them.)
Special Idaho potato, originally uploaded by homemadeoriginals.

I may have posted this photo some time back, but it seemed appropriate for today. Here's hoping you spend at least part of the day with loved ones and/or doing something you really want to do. I'm headed off to work before too long, but I''m thinking about what I might do after that.

Last night, I worked on a new idea that I don't want to reveal yet, it's a product I'm exctied about that I think has great potential. Yesterday we had a monster snow storm and today everything is covered a new coat of snow that fell late in the day or overnight. It's beautiful but I am definitely growing weary of winter.

I'll close by sharing a poem with you about love. This is a poem written by my late father and which I found published in one of his college yearbooks.


Down by the grinding mill
With the noon whistles;
And deep beneath
The boot soles

On a street corner,
Or in an alley,
"Have you met a love, lately?"

It's the only question
Worth answering,
Or asking.
"Have you met a love lately?"
On the boardwalk
Or pavement,
On the corner or the gutter,
Meeting, asking,
"Have you met a love lately?"
And life goes round,
The circle in the air.
All thought is fleeting,
And all consciousness.
Only the eternal asking,
Only the question.
Down by the grinding mill,
Down by the noon engines,
With the whistles
And shouting,
And the noon line,
Swarming away.
Always the question--
"Have you met a love, lately?"



Octavine Illustration said...

i heart the idaho spud and the poem is beautiful. what a nice tribute to your father. you have a lovely blog.

cricket said...

How fun that potato is1