Friday, February 8, 2008

Flickr Photo of the Week Feburary 8th

Isn't this photo from RaineydayKnitter perfect for Valentine's Day? I choose it at as my Flickr Photo of the Week. When I saw it I had a flash back to my youth. I remember being fascinated by a collection of colored pencils that were my father's. There were several hues of each color and they were in a large fold-over fabric covered box with a snap. I coveted those pencils. Eventually, they were mine and now I'm not sure what has become of them. My children used them for school projects and I fear they are no longer neatly arranged in the fancy box.

Check out Raineydayknitter's photos and blog, The Other Dolly Sister. I like this line from her blog: SPINNING OUT OF CONTROL SO MIGHT AS WELL ENJOY THE RIDE. But what is it, I wonder, about knitting bloggers and Johnny Depp?

My creative efforts the past few days have been focused on creating a couple of cases for my work colleague's Treo smartphone. Today, I came up with this one, made from a lovely soft lambswool sweater. The design is a new one for me, so it got added to my "Design a Day" collection on Flickr which now has eight photos.

Treo case-flowers-Design Day 8

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