Friday, January 4, 2008

That Lone Ponderosa Pine--Flickr Photo of the Week

That Lone Ponderosa Pine, originally uploaded by berlinsmith.

Berlinsmith (aka Amber) gave me permission to use this as my Flickr Photo of the Week. I love the beautiful blue sky in this photo (We haven't had much of that lately!) and the Ponderosa Pine reminded me that about 25 years ago, I made my first and only (so far) pine needle basket. I was enjoying a week's vacation at Stanford Sierra Camp at Fallen Leaf Lake near Lake Tahoe, a gorgeous setting. They had a wonderful selection of activities from arts and crafts to hiking, kayaking, etc. I recall having several wonderful instructors/courses. One day, I made pen and ink drawings of some leaves that I still have, another day I painted a small watercolor, and another I learned to make a pine needle basket. I did manage to find the little basket after a bit of looking so I've posted a photo. It's stating to show some signs of wear, it currently houses a collection of coins. At the time I finished it, I really thought it would be the first of many, and I did collect pine needles later once or twice to make more) but so far, no second effort.
Pine needle basket

In some ways, I'm surprised I've stayed with knitting and fulling/felting so long as I have since I have a history of a bit of a short attention span as far as crafting activities goes. I've started and not finished my share of things, including a large needle pointed hassock with rug yarn that is still in a downstairs closet. I'm trying to convince my daughter she might want to finish it someday, since I've "moved on". I also have a wonderful 36" floor loom (which I graduated to after two smaller looms) and a wonderful spinning wheel I inherited from my mother. My father had it made for her and it is beautiful. They both sit idle. I've also had phases when I've been very active doing counted cross stitch and needlepoint, with at least one unfinished project each. My UFO cross stitch is a Christmas stocking I started when my son was very little. He's now 28 and he and his wife are expecting my first grandchild. So, perhaps I'll have to finally finish that project for him/her.

Anyway, I do have a feeling that I will get back to them someday which is why they continue to sit and collect dust, and who knows, maybe there will be a pine needle basket #2.

Back to the photo, I want to acknowledge the photographer, berlinsmith, who also has a wonderful blog and Etsy shop. I noticed her Etsy shop is currently empty, but from reading her blog, I know she is working on things that will soon be available and you can check out the wonderful hand and machine embroidery in the sold items section of her shop.

Now here is my Crafting Day 68 effort,my first Baby Bib O'Love (from Mason Dixon Knitting). I got the button in a swap from Figino and it seems to be perfect on this little bib.
Baby Bib of Love

Detail on Baby Bib of Love- Day 68


twellve said...

i love the pine needle basket! wish i could make one of those. such a cool idea.
what did you use to bind it all together?

HomeMadeOriginals said...

The basket used raffia in addition to the pine needles. I don't recall the exact technique since it's been over 20 years, but it ends up looking like a crocheted chain stitches running up the basket spaced about 1/2" apart. I'm sure there are other tutorials and instructions on the web, but here is one page I found with a quick search:
It may answer your question.

Kniterella said...

I LOVE your basket..I tried basket weaving once. That experience would make a great post.

Adorable bird button, too.

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