Sunday, January 6, 2008

Moo card case-Crafting Day 70

Moo card case, originally uploaded by homemadeoriginals.

I'm expecting my first order of Moo cards that I got free when I signed up for my Flickr pro account. This got me thinking about cases to carry them in. If you don't know what Moo cards are they are photo cards that are about half the size of regular business cards. I made this case from a little bit of red fulled wool from a recycled sweater I had left from another project.

To make it, I just cut it to size, needle felted a free-form design on the front, and stitched the sides and flap with some tapestry yarn in buttonhole stitch. A snap finished it off. It's available in my Etsy shop.

The weekend went by WAY too quickly and it will soon be time to go back to work. We took down our Christmas tree and hauled the tree off to the city recycling bin. The Christmas village was put away for another year too. I only had one minor casualty, a section of roof of one of the houses had to be glued/re-attached as I was moving it. With all remnants of Christmas taken down, recycled, or put away, the house looks strangely empty. It's actually just back to "normal" and it will soon seem right to me again.

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