Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Crafting Day 66

I made a little progress on Baby Bootie #2. I've been struggling with the small gauge and needles (size 2) so naturally I went out a bought new needles in two SMALLER sizes. Seems I may need them for making baby sized goodies. Also, I indulged myself with new yarns and placed an order with Knitpicks for additional DP needles and short circulars in several sizes. Happy New Year to Me!

Here are my Christmas present yarns and one additional I bought when I took it in to have it wound today:
Christmas presents

The cottons are for some "Baby Bibs of Love" from Mason-Dixon Knitting. And the baby yarn is for attempt #2 at white booties now that I have the requisite tiny needles.

New yarn for baby stuff


twellve said...

what kind of needles are those and how long are they? i've never seen needles that come in leather sleeves... looks very practical.

HomeMadeOriginals said...

They are 7" long and the case has the word "Empress" imprinted on them, so I think that is the manufacturer. I believe they are bamboo. I also like that the size is printed on the side of each needle. I was able to find some by searching on the internet, though these came from my LYS and cost me $6.15 per set.