Saturday, January 12, 2008

300 Hearts!

Today, I got my 300th heart for my Etsy store. There is a new tool for Etsy users where they can easily see how many hearts individual items have, it's called Heart o'matic. Try it out if you're on Etsy and haven't seen it yet.

Here's a screen shot documenting my accomplishment on Etsy:

And here's a cute "MOO" treasury I am in on Etsy today. I love the 10 Moo cards I got as a freebie for upgrading my Flickr account to a pro account. I may just have to order more. Do you MOO?

I found a huge number of wonderful wool sweaters at St. Vincents and the Congregational Church Thrift stores today. I felted a couple of them and am saving most of them to felt later. However, this one is my thrift store find of the month! I am going to keep it to wear. It is a wonderful BRAND NEW still with tags attached Woolrich sweater with wonderful ribbon and edge detail. It fits me perfectly and best of all it cost $3! The original price was removed from the bottom of the tag, but there are sale prices of $54.99 and $39.97 written on the tag in red pen. I'm guessing this sweater may have been $75 originally. All my other sweater purchases were $.50 to $2.00. I came home with one huge bag and two regular size bags for under $20.00. What a haul! Now I just need few months off work to felt and sew! Alas, instead I am off on a 5 day business trip starting Monday...but I will take several knitting projects to keep me occupied in the evenings.


Anonymous said...

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Kim said...

Congrats on 300 hearts -WOW!!

kawaii crafter said...

congrats on your 300 hearts! you deserve it :)