Friday, December 14, 2007


frost, originally uploaded by Bombus Design.

I've been thinking about ice and cold lately. First of all, because I am still adjusting to returning to Idaho after 3 weeks in Arizona. But also, because so much of the country has been hit by ice and severe winter weather. It's been very cold here and we've had some snow, but we are actually fortuante as far as weather is concerned compared to much of the country.

This photo, titled "frost" is from one of my Flickr contacts, Bombus Design. The frost covered foilage is really quite remarkable. I think it's lovely and so are her creations you can find on Flikckr and in her Etsy store. She makes wonderful decoupage plates, check them out!

Here's some information (and links) from her Flickr profile:
I am a designer maker & Mum. I trained originally as a textile designer specialising in weave. I am obsessed with method & repetition, probably a trait left over from my weaving years. Once i get stuck on a particular method I cant be stopped. I have been developing this decoupage technique for a few years now & it changes gradually every time i make a new piece. Each time I discover new ways to make the surfaces flatter smoother & more seductive.

On the Crafting 365 front, I completed day 48 with the completion of my "ice blue" business card case. It's a custom order for a return customer.

Ice blue card case- Day 48


nataJane said...

Your "Ice" photo is beautiful! Good eye...

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