Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas Eve Reflections

Here's a poem I wrote a few Decembers ago, about Boise, Idaho:

Images from a December Morning

It feels like Christmas in this city
Christmas wreaths top each lamp post
Lights twinkle in trees in this "City of Trees"

The shops and restaurants names reflect
The spirit of the city...
Renaissance, Cazba, Grape Escape, Life's Little Treasures

Their holiday displays proclaim
"Comfort and Joy"
"Find the Joy"

Early light shines on a church steeple
Where the church bells ring

As I arrive at the Hall of Mirrors
The Capitol building is
Reflected on its side.

Here's a photo that shows the Capitol reflected in the Hall of Mirrors. It can be quite striking.

Tonight, we'll have our Christmas eve dinner of ham, gold sauce, potato casserole, rolls, and salad. We'll sit and look at the lighted tree in the dark while we enjoy a fire in the fireplace. I'll also get our traditional Christmas breakfast of Bacon and Eggs casserole ready to pop in the oven in the morning and serve with home made bread. We'll open our stockings while the breakfast cooks, then eat, and open the presents under the tree. When my children were smaller we'd read "The Night Before Christmas" story aloud on Christmas eve and go for a drive around town to view the holiday lights. The kids always complained about going to see the lights, but I think they secretly liked this tradition and all the others.

Recently, I tried to tell my daughter that we wouldn't have Christmas stockings anymore, after all she's 22. She told me she has things planned for ours and I don't have to "fill hers up" (it's gigantic), so clearly she wants to maintain that tradition.

Merry Christmas Eve!

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