Friday, November 9, 2007

out and about... Crafting 365/14

out and about..., originally uploaded by queenvanna creations.

Out and about, that pretty well describes my day actually. I haven't done any crafting yet today, but did a lot of stocking up by visiting the local Goodwill and at the St. Vincent de Paul store where my friend volunteers. I picked up some wonderful wool sweaters there (the store manager of St Vinnie's is on the lookout for great ones for me and set some aside for me.) I think I've reached "thrift store lover's nirvana" because I now have an "insider" saving some of the best stuff for me!

In addition to hitting two thrift stores today, I spent an hour or so at the Faculty Women's craft fair at the local college. Lots of wonderful crafts there and I resisted buying, but it is a great place to get inspired and I was particularly looking at the displays people were using for their goods. I talked to a photographer who does craft shows around the region and learned about his experiences. I also visited with an acquaintance who was manning the second-hand booth. She loves to thrift like I do and commented "my daughter always thought I was just cheap, but now she understands I am a great recycler."

Anyway, back to the photo. Isn't it wonderful? It's my Flickr Friday photo of the week and it was taken by my Flickr contact queenvanna creations. In addition to taking cool pictures such a this one, Queeenvanna has an Etsy shop a shop of paper crafts and paper crafty things that you should check out. I'm assuming this photo may be somewhere in Connecticut since that is where her Etsy profile says she is located. She also has this cool avatar on Etsy :

Now, here's a photo of my new sweater stash and other goodies which I acquired today for a grand total of around $30:

11 wool sweaters, cheapest was $1 and most expensive was $3.99

3 skeins of funky yarn, a colorful mini quilt ($1) plus an adorable knitted snow-woman. She's about 2' high and someone put a lot of time and effort into making her given the detail of her hat, apron, and scarf. She has cardboard inside her bottom too, so she stands up very well.

Finally, here is a closeup of Vinnie, as we've already named our snow woman after St. Vincents where I bought her for $1. What a haul!

I continued my "out and about" afternoon by dropping off my 101 items for the Holiday Boutique and then picking up the ingredients for petite cheesecakes which will be my contribution to the Holiday Boutique food. I'm also working on my contribution to the door prizes which is a couple of felted heart ornaments and I finished fulling (felting) photographed below with the blue coasters I finished felting.

Whew, it makes me tired just writing about my afternoon/evening. Now, plan to relax a bit, watch "Sicko" on DVD (actually, I am not sure that will be relaxing given the subject matter) and get off this computer. Tomorrow I'll try to post my recipe for the mini cheesecakes and a photo.


vanna said...

woohoo! i do love that picture. i drive by that old cider mill every time i go to the post office. it's in northern connecticut. it's lovely here this time of year! =)

i do wish we had more thrift and "junk" shops. though i suppose my husband is happy that we don't, because we'd be BROKE!

marmee said...

Actually, this is more of a plea for help. I noticed that you had the same problem that I am having posting the picture of the knitting web ring button to your blog. (I saw your comment on the web ring FAQ page) Yours seems to look good right now, so I was wondering if you could share the secret with me :) p.s. love the red flower bag pictured on Monday...

HomeMadeOriginals said...

I received insructions from someone via email which I tried but it still wasn't right. Finally, I think I downloaded the photo and inserted it in the spot on my blog where it was needed (I deleted the litte x's where the photo should have been). Sorry I can't be more specific because I was so happy to finally have it right, but I didn't keep track of all the things I tried to fix it.

marmee said...

Thanks for the reply! My photo is up and running. I played around until I got it right, too. Maybe a class in "html" would be of some use to me...

HomeMadeOriginals said...

Glad you got it working, yes, I could use a course in html plus photoshop and a few other computer programs. I'm basically self taught.