Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I've been blogged

I got a the message below today from letitiah from Eco Etsy (an Etsy Street team) that I'd been blogged. The grey felted bag I just completed yesterday was included on the Eco Etsy blog.

Thank you so much for selling green products. I've blogged about one of
your items in the latest eco etsy street team post: http://ecoetsy.blogspot.com/2007/11/updates-from-world-of-trashion.html.
Please feel free to pass the link on to your friends or post it in your shop
profile. Your work is great and I wish you all the success in
the world.

Here is the link to the Eco Etsy team page and some inforation about the group:

Members of EcoEtsy will work together to:*find attractive ways to reuse packing material*find promotional materials that are eco-friendly*manage a blog that encourages Etsy buyers and sellers to waste less*promote Etsy through the creative reuse and labeling of packaging*create tutorials for sellers who want to create stamps or stencils to reuse packaging*create a forum for Etsy sellers to share eco-friendly ideas*create a list of tips for sellers who want their shops to be more "green"*educate buyers on the importance of reuse*find promotional materials that are eco-friendly
EcoEtsy is different from Trashion in that it focuses on reuse and recycling in the business of Etsy, rather than in crafting. EcoEtsy and Trashion plan to collaborate at times, and will likely share many members.
EcoEtsy is open to all sellers who want to waste less in the process of selling, and to encourage buyers to do their part as well.So that's pretty much our goals to start out with. We plan to communicate online thru the chat rooms on Etsy as well as the EcoEtsy Message Board. This will be a team that is open to all members of Etsy in the entire world. This team is not restricted to any certain area. We will raise money to create ads to promote our shops as well as environmental practices, events, promotions etc. We will eventually start an Etsy Shop totally dedicated to Eco friendly crafts, packaging, promo materials created by the team members. This shop will help raise money along with other events to promote our etsy shops and the well being of the environment.
We plan to be very active in our blog and eventually have blog authors who are dedicated to keeping the EcoEtsyblog updated on a weekly basis. There will be team sales in our shops as well as special items made to promote an eco way of life.
All inquiries about joining the team and for new member sign up information,please contact cuppeecake.

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letitiah said...

thanks for putting this up! the back is really darling :)