Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Crafting 365/11 coffee cozies, second try

I still don't have this coffee cozy thing right. The first one I made was too big, the second one too tight at the bottom and the third one (on cup) is getting closer to being right, however it also depends on the size of your cup, etc. Reminds me of the Goldilocks and the Three Bears story, I haven't found one that is "just right" quite yet. However, I'm already getting bored with the idea of coffee cozies so we'll see if I can get myself to get back to them. Thought they would make good little presents this year.

I should be busy getting ready for the Holiday Boutique I'm in this weekend. I need to tag and price everything. I made up cute little tags with my Etsy banner on them which are on my Flickr if you want to take a look.: http://www.flickr.com/photos/homemadeoriginals/

One of my Ravelry contacts asked me if there is a "Stitch n Bitch" group in Pocatello because she is probably moving here in the Spring. That request inspired me to drive down to our new yarn store, Mustard Seed Dreams, where I inquired about knitting groups. I introduced the owner to Ravelry and Etsy during my visit and bought myself a new Addi turbo circular knitting needle. I love them almost as much as my KnitPick options! Someone thought there might be such a group meeting at a local pub but nobody knew for sure. I wrote an email to the pub owner who wrote me back promptly saying:

The "Stitch and Bitch" group used to meet at the brewery on Thursday nights. Not sure if they still do and if so what time they show up... seems like it was later in the evening. There are a few different groups that come in on Thursday evenings and I can't keep track of who is who. I had heard through the grapevine that they were upset that I had moved the church pews upstairs cuz they liked them for their knitting... and had moved elsewhere. So, I moved the church pews back down to the pub and put the word back out on the street that I'd put the church pews back just for them.

I think that many of the folks in the group are biology grad students.... my impression was that it wasn't any formal group just a bunch of folks that liked to get together and knit and chat. At any rate you are always welcome to come in with friends and knit, play board games, and just socialize. Folks are friendly and the atmosphere is relaxed.

Cheers, Penny

Church pews don't sound like the most comfortable thing to knit in to me, but I can see the appeal to knitters because there are nor chair arms to get in the way. Technically, I am still in search of our local "Stitch n Bitch" contingent if anyone has information on it or any other Southeast Idaho knitting groups, please send it my way.

In the last couple of days, I obtained the domain name "homemadeorignals.net" (.com apparently isn't avaiable) and put a minimal amount of info. on my new website, mainly a link to my Etsy store. I 've also been working on my first newsletter on Zookoda.com but I'm still waiting for "verification" from that site so I can actually send my newsletter. We tested the "sign up" feature that is on the blog here now and it works. Isn't technology wonderful!

PS I just found this wonderful feature article about felting and feltmakers in the Storque section on Etsy. It was written by the funky felter and has wonderful felted creations:


P.P.S. I just read a headline that caught my interest because of my ramblings about my quest for the perfect coffee cozy relating to the Goldilocks story:

"Planet-hunters say they have detected a giant world that is nestled among four others in a planetary system 41 light-years from Earth. This new found world is in the "Goldilocks zone" - a place that's not too hot, not too cold, but just right for the existence of liquid water and conceivably life."

Sounds too good to be true, just like the elusive perfect coffee cozy.


Katie said...

There's a coffee cozy pattern that I like in "One Skein Wonders" that you might want to check out, but I understand that thrill of trying to figure something out on your own. :)

Sparrow Rose said...

I used to see the knitting group on Thursdays and always wanted to join them but I was there with my evening poli sci class.

If you can't find a knitting group, let's start one! I knit and crochet and I just met a woman tonight who crochets, is new in town and is looking for people to craft with.

I also know another woman who crochets and is teaching herself to knit. She hasn't specifically said she's looking for a group but she's always asking me over to crochet together so she'd probably be happy to join. That makes four to start with and I'm sure we could collect more people through the Idaho forum on Ravelry, a flyer at Mustard Seed, word-of-mouth, etc.

Whaddaya say?

(I'm sparrowrose on ravelry, by the way)