Wednesday, November 7, 2007

365/12 Heart ornaments

365/12 Heart ornaments, originally uploaded by homemadeoriginals.

For some reason, I have trouble keeping track of what day I am on in my quest to complete 365 days of crafting. Apparently, this is day 12. I'm working on a series of little heart ornaments our of fulled (felted) sweaters. It's a quick little, fun project, much more immediately rewarding than my quest for the perfect coffee cozy, which I've temporarily set aside.

I need to tag and price all my items for the Holiday Boutique Saturday and deliver them on Friday plus inactivate my items on Etsy that I'm taking to the sale, so I'll be pretty busy with administrative details the next couple of days. I'm also working on refining my record keeping system of sales, income and expenses in preparation for year end. I will be doing some crafting each day, though.

While browsing on Flickr tonight I found several interesting blog links and have added to my list of interesting blogs. I've thoroughly enjoyed being able to subscribe to blogs so easily using bloglines and then using their website to look at updates to every one's blogs all from one page. It's wonderful!

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Trinket Tree said...

Hi your little hearts are gorgeous & I like the idea of the coffee warmer I could do with them every morning on the walk to drop the kids at school. What a great blog you have I am still trying to get in the swing of updating mine. You have everything on yours!.